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"One of those rare experiences that will stay with you long after you've seen the show"

- Ron Baumanis, A2View



(working title)

In 1990, a young man named Christopher McCandless set out on a journey, just months after graduating from Emory University. He donated his trust fund to Oxfam, abandoned his car and belongings, and began a cross-country odyssey that would ultimately lead him to Alaska. When he ventures into the Alaskan bush, he entertains no illusions that he is trekking into the land of milk and honey; peril and adversity are exactly what he is seeking and what he finds.

Integrating multimedia elements from his own photographs, journal entries and letters, this new folk-rock musical pays tribute to McCandless’ complicated  but ultimately transcendent story.  His admirable quest for truth, understanding and purpose in life speaks to the restless spirit in everyone.

Based on a true story

Music & Lyrics by NIKO TSAKALAKOS

Book & Lyrics by JANET ALLARD

“A great piece of theatre.” 

- Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre

“Lush and gorgeous.” 

- David Kiley, Encore Michigan

It's All Theatre
By Daniel Skora

“A musical that's been worked to perfection.” 

“The songs are fresh and exciting with contemporary rhythms and catchy lyrics.” 

“A great piece of theatre..” 

By Jenn McKee

“Achingly beautiful melodies and harmonies.” 

“Made me want to run out and buy a cast recording.” 

Encore Michigan
By David Kiley

“A soulful tragedy brought to astonishing light.” 

“Lush and gorgeous.” 

“This duo has a knack of creating true toe-tapping songs.” 

A2 View
By Ron Baumanis

“That score - Oh my god  fantastic.” 

“A show that deserves a studio recording as soon as possible — get it out there, let people listen to it in their cars and on their iPhones, and sing along at top voice — it is that kind of score.”

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