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"A fracking good time."

- Bob Verini, New York Stage

Fall Springs is a semi-charming landlocked cash-strapped town that sits directly on top of America's largest reserve of cosmetic Essential Oils. And it has big dreams. But at what cost?

With increased oil extraction and new fracking techniques being recklessly implemented, the ground beneath Fall Springs is beginning to crumble. Streets are cracking and buckling. Road-signs, boulders, and the occasional bartender are being swallowed into the ground. And that's just the beginning.

Only Eloise Bradley, nerdy teenage existential wallflower geology-buff daughter of single parent Mayor Robert Bradley seems to notice that a great catastrophe is imminent.

But will she be able to persuade her father and fellow townsfolk of the environmental dangers and escape town before it's too late?

Of course not.

Dramatic action sequences, parent/child angst, lost limbs, found souls, and a rocking, driving, passionate hook-filled score, Fall Springs takes the best of musical theatre and disaster films to forge a hilarious and heartfelt musical comedy about the consequences of pushing Nature too far and what happens when our routine lives become interrupted and we're forced to sacrifice to save what we love.


Music and Lyrics by NIKO TSAKALAKOS



Barrington Stage Company, August, 2019.

Directed by Stephen Brackett


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In the Spotlight
By Michael J. Moran

"In the honorable tradition of 2001’s “Urinetown,” this delightful production delivers a sobering message in an entertaining package and deserves a longer life in this era of the ongoing discussion of climate change."

"Infectiously appealing rock-based score."


Berkshire On Stage
By Barbara Waldinger

"Fall Springs is a dark and lively comedy that approaches a serious issue through pulsating music and strong performances, delivering a forceful punch that might make Al Gore proud."

Broadway World
By Marc Savitt

"Proves that Environmental Consciousness Can Be FUN."

Talkin' Broadway
By Fred Sokol

"Breezy, politically aware and relevant."

"It has a snappy, rousing indie rock score featuring songs that inform the show."

The Berkshire Edge
By Peter Bergman

"Dramatically funny and amusingly serious."

"Is it worth your time and money? It most certainly is! It will make you think."

By Gloria Miller

"The show's creators and director have created a very stimulating and comic view of, all things, Hydraulic Fracking." 

"Probably the most entertaining evening about hydro fracking that anyone could ever imagine." 

By Nancy Saltz

"A musical with a message."

"A very entertaining evening in the theater."

"Great fun and well worth seeing for the entire family. When it heads to Broadway or Off-Broadway in the near future, you can say 'I saw it when...'"

New York Stage
By Bob Verini

"A fracking good time."

"Tsakalakos’s echt-pop-rock-Broadway score, hard-driving and melodic from first to last. I look forward to more from this gifted composer."

Ars Nova
By Jason Eagen, Artistic Director
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